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Our strong woods are in your area grown and collected by rural farmers, frequently situated within 100 miles of our workshops. This offers monetary advantage to farmers who have areas of their land reserved for selective wood harvesting, tree-lined wind breaks, and timberland. The regional sourcing likewise ensures an extremely high level of quality and consistency in our woods.

Our furniture is constructed to outlive its purchaser, indicating we prevent the harmful cycle of disposal, re-manufacture, and duplicated shipping.
Our furniture is made in America. Our interior systems are made in Ohio and Indiana. Our basic wood surfaces are made in Wisconsin and Ohio. The farthest we reach is to obtain our oil and wax wood surface from Canada. Remaining local decreases our ecological footprint even further.

At Our Company our company believes in promoting our end of the social agreement by being accountable to our clients, our workers, to the land, and to the neighborhood at big. We use a variety of individuals, treat them well, empower them to do fantastic work, and do our part in producing a sustainable system that economically supports the important things that matter to us-- neighborhood, sensible land use practices, and regional companies.